Specialists in Babylamb, Shearling and Curly Lamb Garments Naturally Unique

Naturally Unique

Knight of New Zealand specialises in individually crafted garments using natural materials that are unique to New Zealand.  Our award winning Company has been specialising in the use of these indigenous raw materials for over 35 years. 

In addition to Babylamb Shearling, many of our garments are trimmed with native New Zealand Opossum fur, which is not an endangered species and is not listed under the C.I.T.E.S. agreement.

In more recent times, we have also introduced fully reversible garments made from 100% pure woven Cashmere double face.

Worldwide reputation for Quality

Based in Invercargill in New Zealand's South Island, Knight of New Zealand has a growing reputation for quality hand made Babylamb Shearling (Curly lamb) garments.  Established markets include USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Asia Pacific rim. The Company has marketing offices in Melbourne, California and Munich and of course New Zealand. To contact your nearest branch click here

Creating quality by hand

Hand Crated Garments by Knight of New Zealand
Knight of New Zealand Craftsman Guarantee
Knight of N.Z. Bottons and thread

Individually crafted

Every Knight of New Zealand garment is individually made, rather than mass
produced. We call this "Commercial craft" as opposed to mass production.

Craftsman Guarantee

There is a 
signed"Craftsman Guarantee" woven label permanently sewn into every garment as a guarantee of individual Craftsmanship. This label is signed by the two people that crafted the garment.

Hand finished

Attention to detail: All buttons and toggles are made from natural products such as Horn and Tagua nut. Buttons are all hand sewn and hand shanked to the garment to prevent loss.

Babylamb Shearling (Curly lamb) - the facts

Sheep farming in New Zealand is still one of the country’s biggest industries, and New Zealand Shearling, or Babylamb products are a bi-product of this.

Garments are made from the skins of new lambs that do not survive their first few days.  Each lambing season farmers lose about 10% of lambs– the natural attrition rate for animals.

Selected by nature, perfected by Knight

Selected by nature, these skins, known as Curly lamb in Europe due to the fine natural curls in their wool, are incredibly soft and lightweight, and therefore can be put to good use in the making of fine soft leather apparel.  The small size of the pelts means it can take around 30 pieces to make a single jacket.  To view a selection of these unique  garments click here or go to "Garments" on the header line.
New Zealand Koru or Fern